Of Blood and Destiny

Of Blood and Destiny

Of Blood and Destiny

Of Blood and Destiny

 (Broken Bonds, Book 3)

Of Blood and Destiny is the final installment of the Broken Bonds series. This is a young adult fantasy dystopian with paranormal elements.

Life on a war-ravaged Earth is a dying experience.

Finally, after years of tyranny, the rebellion rises. Once I rescue my fiancé Ryker Valant, I, and the rebel general, will fight to free our people.
In a war where alliances shift and friends betray one another, will the final battle prove the truth of the prophecy the queen has so feared-her death-or will I lose everyone I love?

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Of Blood and Betrayal

Of Blood and Betrayal

Of Blood and Betrayal Of Blood and Betrayal

A Paranormal Dystopian Romance

Haunting memories.

Terrifying dreams.

Crippling lies.

Trapped in a world of deception, my sanity rests with the love of Ryker Valant and our renegade friends.

Six months of scouring the ocean floor in a rebel ship fleeing our homeland, delivers us to a possible alliance with the opportunistic European Council.

Our only hope is to utilize our forbidden gifts to free our people from slavery, proving our worth.

But when a trusted ally turns traitor and a new breed of the queen’s weaponry is revealed, I’m forced to face the terror of my past to save our crumbling future.

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Of Blood and Betrayal is book II of the Broken Bonds series. If you’d like to start at the beginning with  Of Blood and Crowns by clicking here.

Book Three is coming soon!

What people are saying:

Raven experienced so much growth during the story and her and Ryker’s romance was just the right level of spicy.

~Netgalley Reviewer

I don’t know how Raven More managed to ratchet up the tension, anticipation, and total need to find out what happens next from Of Blood and Crowns to the amazing ride that is Of Blood and Betrayal, but oh my goodness, did she ever succeed.

The sequel surpassed my wildest expectations, keeping me on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last – meaning that I ABSOLUTELY MUST have the next book to find out what happens!

I am completely hooked on this series. The characters are believable and realistic, the situations are relatable to the point where you’re feeling the emotions as if you’re in the room with the main characters, and each victory or defeat is felt as if the reader was personally involved in the rebellion.

“Of Blood and Betrayal” is the perfect merger of Collins’ “Hunger Games” series and Aveyard’s “Red Queen.” I cannot wait to find out what happens next

~ Goodreads Reviewer

Of Blood and Crowns by Raven More

Coming January 17, 2023

Of Blood and Crowns by Raven More

On my sixteenth birthday, I’ll become a murderer.

I don’t want to kill anyone but it’s my duty as princess.

To stop the threat of the Cursed. The ones who destroyed our planet and most life.

If I don’t participate in the ritual to seal my initiation into the ruling council and solidify my mother’s empire, everyone will figure out the truth.

My truth. 

That I’m a Cursed.

It gets worse. 

My only hope rests in the hands of Ryker, whose sister I sentenced to death.