Coming Soon from Author Raven More

Of Blood and Crowns by Raven More Advanced Reader Copies

Coming Soon from Author Raven More

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About Raven More’s New release:

On my sixteenth birthday, I’ll become a murderer.

I don’t want to kill anyone but it’s my duty as princess.

To stop the threat of the Cursed. The ones who destroyed our planet and most life.

If I don’t participate in the ritual to seal my initiation into the ruling council and solidify my mother’s empire, everyone will figure out the truth.

My truth. 

That I’m a Cursed.

It gets worse. 

My only hope rests in the hands of Ryker, whose sister I sentenced to death.


What people are saying about Of Blood and Crowns by Raven More?

Beta read comments:

“A fantastic new dystopian story with partial cyborgs, elemental powers, fights, explosions, prophecies, and more than a big dollop of romance thrown in the mix! Readers will be sucked into More’s story and howl in frustration at the end, begging for the next book.”

“Wow! My first read by Raven More and all I can think of is wow!”

“I read this book as fast as I could because I couldn’t wait to see what happens. Unfortunately things like work and sleep got in the way. Now that I am finished all I have to say is how much longer do I have to wait for the next book?”

“The story quickly grabbed my attention and reeled me in.I was absorbed into the story with the characters. I felt every emotion they felt and found myself pleading for their safety and success on their mission.”

“I am a FAN!!”


ARC readers:

“I can’t believe this is a debut novel…Definetely going to pick up the next book!”

“I look forward to reading book two”

“Of Blood and Crowns by Raven More is a wonderful fantasy romance story. So well written and the characters are just amazing. The world building, character development, and interesting plot made this book so much fun! “ “I loved this! What a great fantasy romance, full of swoony kisses and wonderful intrigue…”

“This was a unique concept for a fantasy novel, I enjoyed the idea of something that you don’t want to do as a duty of your role. It worked so well as a story and I was invested in the story that was going on this world. The characters were really well done and I enjoyed every part of this journey with them. Raven More wrote this well and I’m glad I got to read this.”

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